Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) 

DEI Vision & Values Statement

On December 10, 2021 the VSAE Board of Directors adopted the recommendations of the DEI Task Force, which include VSAE's DEI Vision and Values Statement. The DEI Vision and Values Statement are the guideposts for how VSAE incorporates DEI efforts throughout the organization. 

The Task Force will be developing action items for each value statements in order to positively impact all facets of the association, including events and education; member, board, and volunteer recruitment; participation of underrepresented groups within the membership, board, and volunteers; communications and publications; and special interest groups.


Task Force

The DEI Task Force was established in May 2021 to encourage opportunities for discussion and education. share resources and best practices, and help define what diversity, equity, and inclusion means to the association and its membership. The following VSAE members serve on the Task Force:  

  • Abby Tammen, Charlottesville Association of Realtors (Chair)
  • Bruce Whitehurst, Virginia Bankers Association (Vice Chair)
  • Mariama Boney, Advocates for Children and Youth; Achieve More, LLC
  • Kelly Ann Gull, CAE, National Society of Professional Engineers
  • Tom Hardiman, Hardiman-Williams, LLC
  • Bob Hudson, Hilton Richmond Hotel and Spa
  • Bailey Kasten, Design-Build Institute of America
  • Nicole McAllister, Independent Insurance Agents of Virginia
  • Sonnia Montemayor, Virginia Forestry Association 
  • Susan Park, Coastal & Estuarine Research Federation


Advocates for Children and Youth

Association of Child Life Professionals
Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation

Design Build Institute of America
National Society of Professional Engineers

Racial Truth and Reconciliation Virginia
Virginia Bankers Association
Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities

Virginia Society of CPAs

These resources are provided for informational purposes. For questions and additional information, contact [email protected].