Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering with VSAE is a great way to get more involved and give back to your association community. 

Please review the key responsibilities and time commitments and select one or more areas you'd like to be considered for. 

Committees & Task Forces

Committees are instrumental in important activities like helping plan the educational content for meetings, recruiting new members, and marketing events like the Annual Conference. Committee service is from May 1 - April 30.

CAE COMMITTEE (CAE members only): Promotes the Certified Association Executive (CAE) credential and plans study groups.
Time commitment: Facilitate one (1) study group session or proctor CAE exam in both Spring and Fall.  

COMMUNITY SERVICE: Organizes community service activities and fundraising activities to support charities suggested by the membership.
Time commitment: Four (4) face-to-face meetings per year. 

CONFERENCE TASK FORCE: Assists staff with conference feedback and marketing for Annual Conference, AMC Retreat, Meeting Planner Summit, CEO & Senior Staff Retreat, and Fall Conference.
Time commitment: Up to seven (7) face-to-face meetings per year.

Develops educational content for VSAE events including speakers at Annual Conference, Fall Conference, and Seminar Series.
Time commitment: Up to three (3) face-to-face meetings per year. 

GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS TASK FORCE: Monitors state legislative, executive, and regulatory actions that impact association management (Executive members only).
Time commitment: As needed for each issue that arises. In a typical year, there are few, if any. 

MEMBERSHIP: Promotes membership and assists with member retention. Welcomes new members.
Time commitment: Two (2) face-to-face meetings with outreach to non-renewed members in January. 

SILENT AUCTION TASK FORCE: Promotes Silent Auction primarily through soliciting donations.
Time commitment: Four (4) face-to-face meetings per year and outreach to potential donors. 

Other Volunteer Opportunities

NEW MEMBER MENTOR: This program facilitates the integration of new VSAE members into our association community. Mentors reach out to specific new members assigned to them, help them network, shadow them at their first few events, and are a resource as they navigate through their first year with VSAE. Sign up here.

CONTENT LEADER (i.e. SPEAKER): Share your expertise or experiences in association management with members by presenting at a VSAE event or writing for the Association Press newsletter. More information on speaking at a VSAE event is available here.