Workplace Inclusion Network (WIN)

VSAE is partnering with Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities (VCIC) to offer VSAE's members the opportunity to participate in VCIC's 2023 Workplace Inclusion Network (WIN) program. Now in its 10th year, WIN allows professionals who support or lead diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts to hear from experts in the field and learn best practices they can apply within their organizations.

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The 2023 WIN program series focuses on the evolution of work around specific social identities. All sessions are virtual unless otherwise noted. Each virtual session qualifies for 1.5 CAE credit hours. The July 26 session qualifies for 4 CAE credit hours.

February 22, 2023 (12:00pm – 1:30pm) 
Exploring Age | Virtual
Ageism is all around us, from advertisements to comments to perceptions of ourselves and others. As workplaces include employees from multiple generations, it is increasingly important to understand and address ageism. This session will examine ways for organizations to include age as a part of their inclusion strategy and ways to maximize efforts and potential across varying generations. 1.5 CAE hours

April 26, 2023 (12:00pm – 1:30pm) 1.5 CAE hours
Exploring Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity | Virtual
While workplaces have made progress in their inclusion of LGBTQ employees in recent years, there are still overt and subtle ways that LGBTQ employees may feel excluded or marginalized. These experiences can relate to organizational policies, employee benefits, or even interpersonal exchanges. This workshop will introduce strategies involving factors such as policies and training that workplaces can implement to foster climates that are LGBTQ-inclusive. 1.5 CAE hours

July 26, 2023 (9:30am – 4:00pm)
Exploring Race | Bus Trip to the Robert Russa Moton Museum
Understanding race in today’s workplace is an essential tool for creating inclusive environments where all employees can thrive and flourish. During this workshop, we will explore the history of race, particularly in the United States, and its impact on workplace policies, procedures, and practices. Participants will have an opportunity to reflect on their own workplace experiences around race and hear about the perspectives and lived experiences of others. Participants will also explore frameworks that help us understand how race plays a factor in the workplace. 3.25 CAE hours

October 25, 2023 (12:00pm – 1:30pm)
Exploring Disability | Virtual
Including people with disabilities in the workplace goes beyond the law; it is a clear way to express your values and doing so has been shown to improve a company’s bottom line. In this workshop, participants will consider proactive steps that can be taken to foster an environment that is inclusive for people with disabilities. Resources and strategies that organizations can utilize to make their workplaces more inclusive will also be highlighted. 1.5 CAE hours

December 13, 2023 (12:00pm – 1:30pm)
Exploring Religion | Virtual
Religion shows up in the workplace in overt and subtle ways on a regular basis, from observed holidays, to employee attire and jewelry, to office decorations and foods, and even to informal discussions among colleagues. These expressions of faith can be opportunities to come together, or they can create deep divisions that impact employee satisfaction and retention. This session will consider strategies to promote respectful religious pluralism in the workplace. 1.5 CAE hours

December 19, 2023 (12:00pm – 1:30pm) - BONUS SESSION
Applying in Non-Profits Organizations| Virtual
As a special feature for VSAE members, there will be an additional WIN workshop to apply the learning from the previous WIN programs in the context of non-profit organizations. Participants will have the opportunity to reflect on their take-aways and consider actions and structures that support inclusion within their spheres of influence. They will also be able to ask questions and share ideas in a safe, supportive environment. 1.5 CAE hours


  By Jan 20 After Jan 20
VSAE Executive Member $445 $465
Non-Member* $475 $495

*Non-VSAE members from the same organization as a VSAE member may register provided at least one VSAE Executive member from that organization also registers for the program.