Each seminar, whether virtual or in-person, offers at least one hour of educational content. Topics cover nearly all aspects of association management including communications, leadership, membership, strategic planning, and so much more.

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Upcoming Seminars

OK Boomer: How Generational Marketing is Holding You Back
Sarah Mattes Marshall, CAE

Thursday, September 2
9:30-11:00 a.m. (In-Person and Livestream)
Richmond Marriott Downtown

For many years we have segmented our members into generations to better understand them and in the hopes of marketing to them more effectively. What was once a productive solution, however, has turned into an approach that is limited our potential and our relevance as an industry. The last year has accelerated change in many areas and now is the time to create a more positive path forward in association management. This session will discuss trends in career-level segmentation marketing, providing examples along the way and discussing how anthropological and sociological concepts can help you get in the minds of your members.

In this session you will learn: 

  • How generational marketing developed, why we use it, and how it hurts us.
  • How to put yourself in the perspective of an anthropologist to study your membership.
  • How to create flexible, career-based segments for membership marketing.

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(additional fees for reception and luncheon that follow)

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Previous 2021 Seminars

Creating the Future of Meetings & Events
Randy Cummins, Stewart Hinckley, and Eileen Johnson, CAE 

Friday, June 4

Hosting in-person meetings and events in a world still affected by COVID-19 requires new thinking and new approaches. From adopting safety protocols to running a hybrid meeting, there are more moving parts to plan and execute. Learn what steps hotels, venues, and planners are taking to host in-person and hybrid meetings. Participants will gain insight on others’ experiences, and take part in a discussion and Q&A. 

Supporting Mental Health in the Workplace
Ryan Dunn; Christina Lewellen, MBA, CAE; and Stephanie Peters, CAE

Wednesday, May 19

A recent Harris Poll found that nearly 78% of adults say that COVID-19 has been a significant source of stress in their lives, while 60% say the number of issues facing America is overwhelming. These high levels of stress and anxiety can be long lasting and often spill into the workplace, challenging employers to address the mental well-being of their employees and, for associations, the members they serve as well. Learn from three association leaders about the initiatives undertaken by organizations to support their teams and members.

Reimagining the Office and Workplace
Maureen Dingus, CAE; Lisa Noon, CAE, RCE; and Patricia Trudeau, SHRM-SCP

Friday, April 23

COVID has disrupted how we think about work and "going to the office". For some, working virtually has been a great experience, for others not so much. Determining how, when, or even if we should return to in-person presents many issues and challenges; it also provides opportunities to reimagine the office and work life. Hear firsthand accounts of organizations that are addressing these issues and explore the HR considerations that need to be taken into account.

Making Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion a Strategic Priority
Chris Busky, CAE; Kelly Ann Gull, CAE; and Heba Mahmoud 

Friday, March 5

How can association leaders guide their organizations and their industry to becoming truly diverse, equitable, and inclusive? What strategies and action plans can help to create broader participation from underrepresented groups among your staff, leadership, and members and how do you measure success? How do you respond to events involving social and racial justice? Join association leaders for a frank and open discussion of their associations' journeys on the road to DEI, including lessons learned, potential roadblocks, and next steps. 

Are You an Accidental CIO? Get Tips from IT Pros

Moira Edwards, Ellipsis Partners and James Marquis, 501Works

February 19

Technology is growing and changing more rapidly than ever, and operating environments are increasingly complex, often leaving staff members to juggle more tasks with less resources. Smaller organizations frequently feel this impact even more than larger associations. Today’s successful association executive, regardless of functional area, title, or the size of organization, needs to ramp up their knowledge of IT systems to effectively serve their members. In this session, join two top IT consultants who will help you navigate IT, including topics such as: 

  • What fundamental questions you need answered by vendors and staff to ensure your technology success in the areas of Operations, Service, and Innovation.
  • Specific examples of where associations have succeeded with technology.
  • Common failures that may occur and how to avoid those risks. 

Remaining Positive in Times of Crisis

Tyler Enslin

February 5

Amid the current crisis facing our world, millions of people are dealing with unprecedented levels of stress and uncertainty. However, even in challenging times, we still possess the ability to make the best of our circumstances, develop positive habits, and manage our mindset effectively. This highly interactive program has been specifically designed to help attendees navigate the issues caused by the COVID-19 crisis. Thus, the content is customized to impact both career and personal aspects of life. Participants will learn strategies that can help them to control stress levels, build habits that promote growth, and focus on opportunities. As this fluid situation continues to unfold, and times of crisis transition into times of recovery, attendees can be confident implementing these techniques to continue to thrive.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover 3 keys to managing mindset and controlling stress.
  • Create positive habits to promote personal growth and achievement.
  • Learn techniques to stay focused and productive during challenging times.
  • Create individual action items to maximize opportunities.

2021 VA Political Outlook and Legislative Roundtable

Dr. Robert Holsworth, DecideSmart

January 8

Kick off the new year with our annual Virginia Political Outlook. As he has for many years, Dr. Holsworth will review the year of politics in Virginia, share his thoughts on what can be learned from the 2020 election, and give us a glimpse of what we can expect in the year to come. 

His remarks will be followed by a Legislative Roundtable, "The Challenges of Lobbying in a COVID-19 World,led by Kyle Shreve, leader of VSAE's Government Affairs Shared Interest Group, and featuring VSAE members with valuable insight on this timely topic. 

2020 Seminars 

Reversing the Trend: Reimagining Membership Recruitment and Retention

The team at initiate-it

November 6

This interactive session will share several real-world case studies of how successful digital marketing and social media strategies helped associations reverse the trend of declining membership growth and low levels of membership retention. initiate-it, a full-service agency in Richmond, Va., serves as the catalyst to launch its client associations on a long-term path to sustainable growth and vitality. The team from initiate-it will share how the agency first established measurable benchmarks and KPIs of success and then executed a membership acquisition campaign with a strong search marketing component that resulted in double-digit conversion rates of transforming potential members into full-fledged, dues-paying members. Andrew Smith and his colleagues will demonstrate how to create content that not only resonates with association members, but also enables the members to view the association in a new light, leading to increased digital engagement, higher attendance at events and improved rates of retention. And all without increasing the association's media budget ­- a win-win-win by any definition!

Tactics for Better Revenue Results and Relationships with Sponsors, Exhibitors & Advertisers

Carrie McIntyre and Charles Popper, The Wyman Company

July 22

Under normal conditions, your sponsors, exhibitors, and advertisers are savvy buyers with high ROI expectations, and the pandemic has added a whole new set of considerations for conversations with these key stakeholders. Association professionals responsible for those revenue streams often have limited sales training or experience, and of the many hats they wear, sales might not be the favorite. This interactive workshop is geared toward professionals who want to increase revenue, build stronger relationships with association supporters, and make the sales process less daunting. 

At the end of this session you will be able to:

  • Craft, discuss, and act on the unique value proposition your association has to offer
  • Align your offering with what advertisers, exhibitors, and sponsors expect in return for their investment
  • Ensure your website and collateral fully support your sales efforts
  • Better prioritize your actions for better topline results

Professional Leadership Workshop - Tools You Can Use to Inspire and Influence Those Inside and Outside Your Organization

Nancy Singer, Compliance-Alliance, LLC and Christine Rance, CRANCE & CO, LLC *

June 5

A charismatic leader articulates a vision for the organization and motivates those who work for him or her. The traits that enable people to lead, inspire, and garner respect can be learned. In this high-energy, interactive session, you will discover critical communication skills, including how to project an image of authority, the importance of a positive attitude, and how to think on your feet and respond in a clear, concise, and substantive manner when called on unexpectedly in a meeting.

* Provided courtesy of Powell Kohne Associates, LLC

Art of Innovation Workshop

Noah Scalin, Another Limited Rebellion

May 7

The Art of Innovation​ introduces The Big Seven™ keys to generating creative energy that anyone can employ. Through an engaging presentation of his jaw-dropping artwork, Noah Scalin pulls back the curtain and shares the processes and practices that he developed to generate momentum and consistently bring new, unique approaches to his work. He explains how anyone can grow their creative muscles through simple practices that will help you become a better creative problem solver at work and in life. 

Key Takeaways
After attending this session, participants will be able to:

● Engage creative muscles. 
● Gain a fresh perspective on current challenges. 
● Learn new strategies for collaboration. 
● Align around shared language and experiences. 
● Uncover hidden potential and opportunity within constraints of limited resources. 
● Develop a growth mindset.