2022-2024 Strategic Plan

Thanks to the continued commitment and support of its membership and the flexibility and foresight shown by the board of directors, VSAE continues to successfully navigate its way through these turbulent times.

The association is positioned now to take what was learned and apply those lessons to improving upon what is working well, letting go of what’s no longer of value and identify new initiatives to elevate the member experience, better serve the association community, and ensure a succession of diverse and qualified leaders for the organization and Virginia’s association community.


To be the best at making associations the best.


Association professionals: Connecting. Learning. Leading.

Strategic Objectives

Engaging Members

The membership is highly engaged in VSAE activities and programs.

Developing Leaders

VSAE will be the hub for developing future leaders for the association community.

Serving the Association Community

VSAE will be the leading resource and example for Virginia’s associations.

2022 Revisions

The VSAE Board met in May 2022 to discussed relevancy of and revisions to the current plan. Based on those discussions, the Board convened a working group to draft an updated plan and present to the Board. The 2022-2024 Strategic Plan, adopted in June 2022, emphasizes:

  • promoting engagement, relationship building and knowledge sharing across all regions of the state 
  • providing a defined path to develop and refine the leadership skills of association professionals
  • building and sustaining a diverse, equitable and inclusive association
  • mentoring and developing VSAE's leadership pipeline
  • expanding and adapting professional development programs for current and emerging leaders