The Need to Learn, Share, and Grow

On January 7, my social media channels were filled with a meme that read “I’d like to cancel my subscription to 2021. I’ve experienced the 7-day trial and I’m not interested.” The world had hoped the hypothetical turning of the calendar would bring an end to the dramatic changes we were experiencing due to the Covid-19 pandemic and political issues. Almost two months into the new year, we can say for certain change is inevitable and that creativity and flexibility continue to be the necessary tools of the trade. 

Unlike the new year’s meme, VSAE and its volunteer leaders have EMBRACED the need to change and adapt. They have taken their mission to heart… “Association professionals: Connecting. Learning. Leading.” While the ways in which we connect, learn, and lead will forever look different, these core values remain the same. Similarly, as association professionals, the need to learn, share and grow is especially critical as we adapt how we run our organizations, do our jobs, and serve our members.

VSAE’s Education Committee is committed to supporting members with the knowledge and tools to get through today’s challenges and flourish in the future. We have embraced virtual learning platforms, allowing us to see and interact with each other while we learn from our speakers. We have expanded opportunities for member participation and engagement. And we are partnering with other associations to deliver more educational events that provide a broader depth of information to assist members as everyone dramatically changes the way we run our organizations.

Our Special Interest Group (SIG) meetings have become especially valuable because we are able to more frequently exchange ideas and share timely resources. Even though it is another hour in a virtual meeting, I find that I get excited to click that Zoom link to be connected to other members who are experiencing similar circumstances and finding ways to flourish. The AMC Retreat, Meeting Planner Summit, and CEO & Senior Staff Retreat are versions of the SIG meetings on overdrive. I am hoping that many more will take advantage of these events in 2021.

While we might be missing the old way of learning and connecting at VSAE’s regular monthly luncheons, there are so many more opportunities available to us in the Association. I hope that you will continue to engage with your VSAE peers for both your personal sanity and professional growth. We know that 2021 is not really a trial-subscription…change is constant and VSAE has the professional development tools for us to meet any challenge with grace and confidence.

I look forward to seeing you at our virtual and in-person events in 2021!

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