Awards of Excellence

VSAE presents the following four awards, typically awarded annually.

  • The CEO Award of Excellence is the highest award VSAE can bestow upon one of its Executive members. This award is given to an outstanding chief staff executive who has been nominated by peers in recognition of his or her leadership and achievement.
  • The Association Staff Award of Excellence gives VSAE the opportunity to recognize an outstanding association staff professional for his or her contributions to their association. Criteria for this award include high integrity, professionalism, recognition from peers, a record of success and achievement in association management, and consistent leadership and service to VSAE.
  • The VSAE Associate Member Award of Excellence allows the association community to recognize those suppliers and vendors among its membership who have distinguished themselves among their peers through their leadership qualities and professionalism.
  • The VSAE Career Service Award is presented to an individual outside of the field of association management who through hard work, pleasing personality, and dedication to his or her job, has provided exceptional service over the years to the association community. Due to the nature of this particular award, nominations may only be submitted by Executive members.

The nominations deadline is Friday, September 8, 2017. Winners will be recognized on December 1, 2017 at VSAE’s Award Luncheon & Silent Auction.

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Awards of Excellence Past Recipients



 Association Staff

 Associate Member

 Distinguished Service / Career Service


Richard Johnstone, Jr. Wilmer Stoneman, III, CAE Lisa MacArthur None awarded


Rick Eisenman, CAE   Cassie White Denise Creasman Houston Pettus


Stephanie Peters, CAE

Danny Mitchell

Susan Holland

None awarded


 Steve Akridge

Dean A. Lynch, CAE

Bob Hudson

Carolyn Blanchard


 Robert Bradshaw, MAM

Maureen Dingus, CAE

Tim Stacer, CMP

Howard Feiertag, CHA CMP CHM Va Tech


 Michael J. O'Connor, CAE

Robert M. Ramsey, CAE

Michele Vetter Moker

Don Ryder, The Homestead


Charles R. Covert, Jr., CAE

Sue Goldman, CAE, RCE

Gus A. Shelton, III

 Kristi Reynolds, Wintergreen Resort


 Steve Morrisette, CAE

 Kathleen Bozis, CAE

Blanche Powell

Jeff WInters, Golden Horseshoe Golf Club


Dave Phillips, CAE

Tracie Grady

Jason Whitt

Jimmy Haynes, Sheraton Richmond West


David Norman

Keith Cheatham

Tom Spong

 None awarded


 Donna Pugh Johnson

 D. Jan Morehead, CAE

 Jolene (Butler) Boatright

None awarded 


 John R. Broadway


 Andrew Mann

None awarded 


 William H. Baxter, CAE


 Susan Bowerman

 Carmela Bills, Virginia General Assembly


 Judy M. Smith, CMP


 W.K. "Kim" Beachum

 None awarded


 William P. Elwood


 Robert Hayes

 None awarded


 James D. Campbell, CAE


 Joanne Tripp

 Pete Sheffey, Martha Washington Inn


 Michael D. Ward


 Dennis Flannery

 Woodrow Pettus, The Homestead


 John W. Macllroy, CAE


 Harriet Harris

 Carlos Wilson, The Cavalier


Richard Daugherity, CAE


Missie Marks



Peter Easter, CAE


Jeff Ford, CMP



James C. Stutts, CAE


Kelly Burd-Adams



Mark Singer


Sally Noona



James Carlton Courter, III


Timothy H. Thomas, CHME



Ted L. Smith, CAE


Rick Eisenman, CAE



None awarded



Sumpter T. Priddy, Jr.



Elsie Reamy, CAE



Charlie F. Finley, CAE



James F. Duckhardt, CAE



E.D. Catterton



J. Randy Bush, CAE



David G. Ottaway, CAE



Thomas M. Berry, CAE



Herbert C. Clegg



Shockley D. Gardner, Jr.



Mark W. Saurs, CAE



Jeff D. Smith, Jr. CAE