Opportunities for Content Leaders

Thank you for your interest in being a content leader at a VSAE event. VSAE is always looking for good speakers and presenters. There are several opportunities to speak at a VSAE event. A list of some of those opportunities is included below. Submissions will be considered by the Education Committee at their January/February 2020 meeting for events held during the Q3 & Q4 of 2020.

We have many different speaking opportunities.

Seminar Series: This event is held on the first Friday of February, March, April, June, September, and November. Speakers conduct a 2.5 hour seminar and a 15-20 minute presentation during a luncheon or breakfast. The two presentations should be similar or related, though not identical. 

Annual Conference: This three-day event is held annually in early May. There are one or two hour-long keynote presentations and at least eight 75-minute breakout sessions. 

Fall Conference: This event is held annually in October. It includes an hour-long keynote presentation followed by 90-minute breakout sessions. In addition to association executives, this event targets professional meeting planners from all markets, social, government, and corporate. 

Other Events: VSAE also holds several peer-to-peer meetings throughout the year where there may be a speaking opportunity. These events range in length from 90-minute meetings to two-day retreats. Examples include the CEO & Senior Staff Retreat, AMC Retreat, Meeting Planner Summit, and various Shared Interest Group (SIG) meetings throughout the year.

The Education Committee Chooses Content Leaders
VSAE has a volunteer led Education Committee that meets at least twice annually to select content leaders for events. Typically, the group meets in March and August. The group will review content submissions and extend invitations to potential speakers and content leaders. Session topics specific to association and event management receive priority over general topics of interest. Speakers are typically booked 6 months to a year before the event.

We Can Typically Only Provide Travel Reimbursement
VSAE has a very limited budget for speakers and content leaders. Typically, we can only provide reimbursement for travel expenses and do not provide an honorarium. Speaking at a VSAE event is a marketing opportunity. Many of VSAE's members look to current and former VSAE content leaders when they need to hire a speaker for an event. So, speaking at VSAE is great exposure to VSAE's association community.

Our Audience Are Association Executives in Virginia
VSAE's primary members are the association executives and staff from Virginia's membership based associations and non-profits. The membership is a diverse group and includes large association CEOs, small association CEOs, senior staff, and even some more entry level staff members. These members attend VSAE events looking for information on best practices and ways to deliver more value to their careers, their associations, and their members.

If your are interested in presenting to VSAE members, please complete the Content Leader Interest Form.