VSAE Committee Structure

Volunteer Committees

CAE Committee - Interim Chair: Maureen Dingus, CAE

Promotes the Certified Association Executive (CAE) credential and plans study groups (CAE members only).

Community Service Committee - Chair: Rachael Van Liew; Vice-Chair: Tracie Grady

Organizes community service activities and fundraising activities to support charities suggested by the membership.

Conference Task Force - Chair: Richard Gordon; Vice-Chair: Rachel Reim

Promotes attendance, recruits sponsors, and assists staff with conference planning and marketing.

Education Committee - Chair: Anne Gardner, CAE

Develops educational content for VSAE events including speakers at the Annual Conference, the Expo, and Monthly Seminars.

Government Affairs Task Force - Chair: Bob Bradshaw, MAM; Vice-Chair: Kyle Shreve

Monitors state legislative, executive, and regulatory actions that impact association management (Executive members only).

Membership Committee - Chair: Katie Hellebush, CAE

Promotes membership and assists with member retention. Welcomes new members.

Silent Auction Task Force - Co-Chairs: Kevin Bayes and Jordan Vallerga

Promotes Silent Auction primarily through soliciting donations.

Appointed Committees & Councils

Audit Committee - Chair: D. Walton, CAE

Works with auditors and recommends approval of the audited financial statements and related management letter to the Board of Directors.

Awards Committee - Chair: Richard Johnstone, Jr.

Sets appropriate guidelines for the VSAE Awards of Excellence, Associate of the Year Award, and Career Service Award.  Makes recommendations for those awards. (Members are past recipients of awards.)

Executive Committee - Chair: Ray Mattes, CAE; Vice-Chair: D. Walton, CAE

Assumes responsibility of the operation of the Society between board meetings and provides the President and Executive Director with ideas for the successful accomplishment of the Society’s goals and objectives.

Nominating Committee - Chair: Scot McRoberts, IOM

Solicits input from the membership and makes nominations for the officers and directors of VSAE.